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Markaz al-Ifta

Welcome to the Markaz al-Ifta (مركز الإفتاء) page! The various fatāwā are arranged into categories below; to access each category, hover over its name and click in order to reveal the fatāwā underneath that category.

Note: Mufti Amjad will discuss and detail the view of each of the four schools of Sunni law, namely Hanafi, Shafi'i', Maliki and Hanbali. An individual should follow their school's opinion. This does not mean that one may select from any of the four. Where there is dispensation to do so, Mufti Amjad will detail that point for that specific issue.

A fatwa is an explanation and clarification upon the request of the individual who wishes to practice personal law based upon the classical understanding of Islam by traditional scholars. It is the individual’s choice to act upon the fatwa, they are not under any compulsion or duress to accept it or act upon it. This request to understand the position of classical scholars’ view on matters within Islam is made at the behest of the individual. Markaz al-Ifta does not take any responsibility for incorrect use of application of the fatwa and as a result are exempted from any loss or damage. Markaz al-Ifta does not advise, promote or condone the violation of any UK laws or any country in which the individual chooses to apply the fatwa.

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